Q: When where you born?

  • A: I was completed in early 2013 and first appeared in public at the UK maker faire in Newcastle in April 2013.

Q: How long did it take to build you?

  • A: Over a year.

Q: What’s that round thing you are knitting with, was it made specially for you?

  • A: It’s called a knitting loom, they are available in a range of sizes and shapes and humans use them too, not just me, it’s an alternative way of knitting (and easier than knitting with needles).  The one I use was made specially from steel to be more accurate and durable.

Q: How long does it take you to knit a scarf?

  • A: About five hours for a normal length scarf (approx. 2 metres).

Q: Are you made from old shop mannequins?

  • A: No, the front of my torso is a modified shop display bust, but all my other body parts had to be made to fit the position I sit in and enable me to move. My skin is made from a variety of materials including fibreglass, silicone rubber and latex.

Q: Do you have a skeleton?

  • A: Yes, made from welded steel and aluminium.

Q: What controls you?

  • A: I am controlled by a network of simple 8-bit microcontrollers (PIC)

Q: How do your mechanical parts work?

  • A: I have 11 electric motors in total which move my joints through a series of gears, positional feedback is provided via digital encoders and and potentiometers.

Q: Do you ever drop a stitch or make a mistake?

  • A: Of course not, machines never make mistakes!
    (actually Agnes does make mistakes sometimes and often needs adjustments to keep her working properly)


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